Iris Osterman “Landscape Memoir”

“Landscape Memoir: Paintings and Works on Paper”

Iris Osterman, a long time member of the Bowery Gallery in New York City, is being featured in a solo show at Landau Gallery in Belmont MA.

The exhibit presents Osterman’s recent paintings and works on paper based on her explorations of the hiking trails and conservation areas in Massachusetts, Maine and New Hampshire.

White Water(1)

White Water  54″ x 68″


Preamble  38″ x 48″

Osterman says that the starting point for her work is through observation in nature, using drawings and photographs. Then the images are further developed, some over a period of up to five years. Osterman’s paintings portray an unusual sensitivity to nature and even her mark-making recalls substance in the natural world.

The artist says: “Though my work is clearly based on perception I prefer to think of it in terms of memory, or my mind’s narrative of the observed. This reflects my belief that my observations are incomplete at best, and that my intentions are not to record visual details but to somehow communicate an experience. Even in the more minimal pieces, where white dominates, the memory of their source holds in their “likeness” to the subject; they are still anchored by the landscape”.

Over Rocks(2)

Over Rocks  46″ x 62″

The show, also, features Osterman’s works on paper. These are small jewels measuring just 5” x 5” , or 5” x 6”. In describing her choice of medium Osterman says , “the boundaries between painting and drawing seem fluid and artificial, and I move between the two naturally”.






When asked about influences, she states:

“Though I hardly see this in my own work, Matisse and DeKooning are my gods. I, also, have been looking at Giacometti drawings a bit. For a long time now I’ve been trying to steer away from representation but something always pulls me back. I’m still trying. If there is tension in my images, I would say it’s from that struggle”.
The large scale paintings are oil and encaustic on canvas. The works on paper are generally detailed monotypes with  multiple layers of acrylic, graphite and watercolor.


The Osterman art exhibit  is at:

Landau Gallery at Belmont Hill School  

350 Prospect Street. Belmont MA

617- 484-4410 x 262

February 18 – April 8, 2016.

 More work by Iris Osterman can be seen on the Bowery gallery website.

The Bowery Gallery is a co-operative gallery, wholly run by its artist members. Our mission is to exhibit work of the highest quality from independent artists.

Bowery is located in  NYC’s Chelsea Art district next to the HIGH LINE. The address is:

530 West 25th street 4th floor,  NY, NY


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