Deborah Rosenthal’s “SEASONS”

The Bowery Gallery is pleased to announce that longtime Bowery artist Deborah Rosenthal is having a solo show at Rider University.

Peter Campion wrote the text for the catalogue published in conjunction with the show and says the following, “ The paintings in Seasons, this new show by Deborah Rosenthal, reveal a sensibility immersed in landscape, in natural cycles of transformation and renewal. Rosenthal is no plein-air painter…… What makes her so remarkable is the strength of her aesthetic imagination”.

Rosenthal’s paintings feature figures in imaginary landscapes. Campion looks closely at these paintings and shares his insights.   Of one painting he says, “the figures look as if they’ve sprung from the roughed-up surface……so that the whole composition breathes with atmosphere, with the charged sense of living presence”

In the painting titled, June, or What I Thought I Knew  he says, “ the framing has been beaten back, to make the whole painting hinge on the two figures, inhabiting separate places in the landscape, yet endowing the space between them with an intense magnetism”.


June 2014-15

June, or What I thought I knew   /     Oil on linen, 36 x 48″   2014

“The combination of figurative and abstract approaches is not simply a method for Rosenthal but a subject itself, one she explores for its metaphorical richness.   Take “Landscape Painter.” Here, the blend of abstraction and representation turns out to occasion some wonderful humor.

Landscape Painter 2014 copy

Landscape Painter /   Oil on Linen   30″ x 40″    2014

Campion goes on to write  about another painting:  “­Perhaps the most thrilling, and moving, example of Rosenthal’s skill for rendering separate,  yet connected figures occurs in “Garland.”  At the center of the painting is an infant……On either side, the heads of mother and father appear in profile……”  There is the suggestion of a garland connecting the shapes.

garland capture2

Garland  /   Oil and oil stick on linen, 30 x 40″        2014-15

“Rosenthal’s mastery shows here… she manages to return genuine wonder to the image of the young family, a motif that otherwise might feel too familiar or sentimental, but here gains tremendous force and feeling”. ( Peter Campion)


Peter Campion is the author of three collections of poetry, Other People, The Lions, and El Dorado (all from the University of Chicago Press.) The recipient of the Guggenheim Fellowship and the Rome Prize, he teaches at the University of Minnesota.


March 3 – April 10, 2016


Thursday, March 3, 5 – 7 p.m.



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