Linda Carey “Recent Work: Italy in Mind”

Bowery Gallery is pleased to present the work of Linda Carey in a show entitled, “Recent Work: Italy in Mind”.   She is exhibiting recent still lifes and landscapes from,  or inspired by Italy and Italian painting.  The show runs concurrently with the Schmergieff show June 21- July 9.

3.Carey-Gourd in Grotto

“Gourd in Grotto”

Carey  describes her love for Early Italian fresco and panel painting.  She has painted “plein air”  during previous trips to Italy but recently when weather was unpredictable she was doing still life painting indoors.  While working in this genre she set a unique format for herself:  using reproductions of Early Renaissance paintings as her “back drop”  she  set up her “still life”  using a carefully chosen object for the foreground.   To explain it better… imagine a beloved poster on your  bulletin board with a shelf directly in front of it.  On this shelf you place a pear.  This is the format  that Carey is exploring.


7. Carey-Pears with Piero's Tree

“Pears with Piero’s Tree”

…Or another way to describe it is that Carey  creates constructions.  The reference material ( a reproduction of a master painting)  becomes  the background  and creates the effect of  looking through a window. Her object in the foreground is like a figure. Think of the Mona Lisa sitting in front of her window.

5. Carey-Rusty Pitcher with Magdalena

“Rusty Pitcher with Magdalena”

Carey chooses her source materials carefully: Bellini, Lorenzetti, Piero Della Francesca…

Interesting to this writer is that Carey has visited places in Italy where these painters lived and painted.   She points out that the landscape in many parts of Italy has not changed much since Renaissance times,  so on her travels she has seen the actual landscapes and buildings that Piero painted.

2. Carey-Bellini Landscape with Deer

“Bellini Landscape with Deer”


4. Carey-Arezzo with Onions

“Arezzo with Onions”

1.Carey-Green Plastic Apple, City by the Sea

“Green Plastic Apple and City by the Sea”

Carey says the reproduction quality of the photograph (of the work of art), cast shadows, overlapping objects, and the painter’s ever-changing perceptions modify the images and put them in a context that feels very present.    She is interested in reconciling conflicting forces: dimensionality and flatness, accuracy and artifice, past and present. To this writer the paintings have achieved a beautiful harmony and remind one of devotional panels .


6. Carey-Market Day, Cortona

“Market Day, Cortona”

In the Bowery  show Linda Carey is exhibiting paintings and drawings done from observation outdoors, and studio paintings that have the feel of being both landscape and still-life. Carey is, also, showing recent work which incorporates historical maps and fragments of Tuscan quattrocento paintings.

carey blog 022
In a very lively talk at Bowery Gallery Carey described how her paintings refer to reproductions but she keeps things very open ended. It brings into question what we see and what we know and the important role of the imagination in creative process.

More of Carey’s work can be seen at and on the Bowery web site. 

Contact info for the artist is


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