Bowery Gallery juried show on exhibit

The Bowery Gallery  is proud to present the 25th Annual Juried  Exhibition which runs Aug 2 – Aug 20.

We all are accustomed to competition in sports and politics,  ( Olympics !  Elections!!!) but in the art world,  competition  takes its own  unique form. The Bowery juried show had    386  applicants this year ;  39 pieces were chosen.

Many thanks to  Martica Sawin, our juror, who  admitted early on that she wished she could  include all the work submitted.  There were many, beautiful pieces –thank you Martica Sawin for taking this on and to all the artists who applied.

Congratulations to the artists in the exhibit. Here are some views of the gallery at  the opening reception and artists with their paintings .


aug 4 007


aug 4 015

Artist,  Mary Kostman with her work “Beyond Vision” ( Braille Series)


aug 4 018

Russell Mehlman, ” Crime Story “


aug 4 019

Bruce Paly,  “Live Poultry”


blake morgan

Blake Morgan  , “USAO, Wildlife Habitat”


lucy beecher nelson

Lucy Beecher Nelson “Marriage Portrait”



aug 4 031

Mark Webber, “Woman with Towel”


aug 4 043

Luis Colan, ” At the Edges of the Charles”


aug 4 028aug 4 029

aug 4 044

Bob Ricciotti,  ( on left)   “Ticket to Fukushima”



Allison Miller, ” These Days”


aug 4 025

Lisa Ficarelli-Halpern, “King after Van Eck”


Featured image is the painting by Ro Lohin,  ” In the Studio”  .     We were  not able to  take a photo of Ro Lohin with  her painting.  There is a wonderful review of  another show she is in at  South Street Gallery in Greenport.:

ART REVIEW: Paintings by Ro Lohin and Kevin Wixted, Decoded

bowery logo_crop

The Bowery Gallery is a co-operative gallery, wholly run by its artist members. Our mission is to exhibit work of the highest quality from independent artists.  Just a little of our history: on October 31, 1969, a group of artists joined to form the Bowery Gallery. The gallery has been in continuous operation ever since, and is one of the oldest in NYC.

Bowery Gallery

 530 West 25th street, 4th floor,


 Gallery hours: Tues-Sat 11-6pm. For more information, call 646-230-6655.



** Diane  Drescher **

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