Hearne Pardee – Peripheral Vision

The Bowery gallery opens the new season with a beautiful show of Hearne Pardee’s recent work.  The dates for the exhibit are September 6 – October 1 . The opening reception is September 8, 5-8 PM.

Hearne Pardee works in oils, acrylics and collage from landscape motifs that emphasize the interpenetration of public and private realms—nature as a location of personal reverie juxtaposed to elements of human construction and technology. His work is increasingly focused on suburban and institutional architecture, the sort of environments in which we pass much of our everyday lives.

Pardee talks about  his process:

” My work from landscape has come to focus less on the “view” and more on contact with the visual field, moving in closer rather than fixing myself at an external point. At first I tried to do this by using multiple images of the same place, like composing different shots in a film; I began using collage to make connections in color between these separate frames……


“Corner”,   acrylic collage on paper, 19″ x 25″, 2015



garden grid

Other works emphasize the complexity within a single frame. I sometimes bring in photographs or paintings from places far away, or images of the collections of insects I made as a child; these associations are simply to objects or experiences I value and which inform my interest in the everyday places I record.


black abstraction

“Black Abstraction”, acrylic collage on paper, 19″ x 24″, 2015


vernacular grid

I’ve begun to rethink the meaning of the small rectangle of color that I’ve used in all these works; it started with reference to the color patches of Cézanne, as a return to a primary element of perception, a basic building block. Lately it’s taken on more of Matisse’s return to myths of origin. I’ve been looking at both his and Cézanne’s paintings of bathers and pastoral scenes, as figures emerge from the basic color patches in my work.



This interest in construction, and in a bodily relationship to the image, have encouraged me to work in sculpture, with figures inspired by Matisse and with still-lifes inspired by the close observation of Cézanne.


vernacular landscape (pokemon)

In oil paintings, I’ve tried to expand the improvisatory approach I take with collage, sometimes taking the patches of collage as a point of departure. The emphasis is on the all-over field as it unfolds in our perceptions. I’ve worked from a park and playground in my neighborhood, since it’s a place that people engage with physically, where children form memories. I’m interested in places that involve me psychologically as well as perceptually.

Visit Hearne Pardee’s Website to see more: arts.ucdavis.edu/faculty-profile/hearne-pardee


bowery logo_crop

Bowery Gallery

530 West 25th street, 4th floor,


Gallery hours: Tues-Sat 11-6pm. For more information, call 646-230-6655

To contact artist e-mail: info@bowerygallery.org



* all comments are by artist,  Hearne Pardee.  Presented by DIANE DRESCHER.



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