Agnes Martin at the Guggenheim

grier torrence

October 7, 2016 to January 11, 2017

Agnes Martin is a painter who has interested me for a long time.When I was an undergraduate at Stanford University from 1973-75, I often visited the graduate painting studios and one of the graduate students was working with a pencil grid on delicate surfaces. Indirectly, she opened the way for me to Martin’s work.


I had at that time long been an admirer of Joseph Albers and this painting from the Yale Art Gallery is one of my favorite ones by Albers.


Agnes Martin’s paintings absolutely must be seen in real life as they embrace being in the present, seeing with your own two eyes, of dancing before a painting to see it from close and from far away (as Andrew Forge would encourage us to do).

The major show at the Guggenheim, Agnes Martin’s work from 1957 to 2004, deeply moves me. The feeling I…

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