Lynette Lombard: Palpable Terrain

Bowery Gallery proudly presents Lynette Lombard’s 4th solo show March 28 – April 22 .

Lombard is known for her expressive color and brushwork; in her new paintings there is an unprecedented boldness.   In describing her work Lombard states:  “Rhythms emerge from the process of losing and finding forms, where the external world collapses into an embodied interior psychic space of poetic meaning, and where paint comes alive in its myriad visceral vicissitudes. This process allows rhythms to unfold through liquid, staccato, heavy, slow or speedy fluidities of paint and mark. I mostly paint outside in the elements and walk the landscape I paint to hold a somatic visual memory of place”.

2 Swell 72

Swell, 76.5” x 58” oil on linen, 2016-17


Jennifer Samet,  in a masterly essay,  says this about Lombard’s work:

“Inscribed into Lynette Lombard’s painterly vocabulary is the reminder of just how high are the stakes. Her landscape paintings are urgent — not pastoral or nostalgic. She has developed a vocabulary of marks, forms, and gestures, which stand for specific earth and land formations.  It can be seen as a symbolic painterly shorthand, but she does not let these forms rest.

Her work has a tension that reflects our time – what it means to be painting the landscape today.   They are about what it means to be present in that landscape, watching and living an environment at risk”.

6 Rock Slide 72(1)

Rock Slide, oil on linen, 32” x 40” 2017


“El Greco is on Lombard’s mind lately – that artist at the crossroads – a Greek who lived and worked in Spain and Italy at the time of the Counter-Reformation. El Greco was preoccupied with ….. a theme that reflected the turmoil of his time. Lombard admires the pulsing, throbbing rhythms and elasticity that animates El Greco’s compositions.  And indeed, Lombard’s work reflects how agitation of our own time can be embedded into the abstraction, painterly energy, and compositional arrangements”.

1 The Light of Night 72

The Light of Night oil on linen, 65” x 75” 2017


The majority of Lombard’s landscapes are painted in Andalucia, Spain….. Other recent paintings show the Charles River, Boston, Massachusetts; Chautauqua, New York; Oxbow, in Saugatuck, Michigan; and the Jentel Residency, Wyoming.  In her paintings of each of these distinct places, Lombard locates a specific quality that is highlighted in the paintings’ construction.

10 Midnight 72

Midnight, oil on linen, 65” x 75” 2017


“Lombard finds formal ways to express … overarching feelings of place:

The focus of her paintings of Andalucia is the interlocking masses of form – mountain ranges and rock formations. Although these forms tightly interlock, the visual effect is about mass and distance, similar to the feeling of only realizing how vast things are when we are confronted with our own interconnectedness”.

8 Llombard Wheat Dusk 72(1)

Wheat Dusk, oil on linen, 43’ x 48” 2013-15


“…. her work is tied to American landscape painters like Marsden Hartley and Albert Ryder – who could conjure scale apart from the size of their canvases….In Lombard’s case, it is this tight construction of forms that communicates the urgency and ferocity of both her paintings and the places on which they are based. It also conjures the anxiety of alone-ness she – and many of us – confront, in vast spaces”.


14Chautauqua Tree storm 72

Chautauqua Tree,Storm, oil on canvas, 30” x 30” 2012-15


Samet continues,  “To my mind, Lombard’s paintings function as relics of the process of their making – the experience of painting outdoors.  This, despite the fact that she, in most cases, continues to work from memory in her studio.  Painting outdoors is almost always a battle with unpredictable elements, and as contemporary on-site painters, like Rackstraw Downes, Josephine Halvorson, Stanley Lewis, or Lois Dodd can also attest – a confrontation with time.  Light changes, weather changes, the landscape changes. The on-site painter is always working against time.  The painting becomes a document of this experience”.

15 Winter Banking 72

Winter Banking, oil on canvas, 30” x 24” 2017


“Lombard’s paintings, more than anything, are about multiple forces interacting, clashing, and pushing at one another.  Her work has a material density: she paints rock formations and the skeletal underpinning of the landscape.  But she can give water or the night sky the same kind of earthy weight, as an interlocking natural force.  She gives these masses breath – the pulse of our heady time, a moment of palpable stakes”.


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530 WEST 25TH ST, 4TH FL, NEW YORK, NY 10001 • 646.230.6655


March 28 – April 22, 2017

Opening Reception: Thursday, March 30, 6 -8pm

Artist Talk: Saturday, April 1, 2 pm


Visit Lynette Lombards’s Website to see more:

To contact artist e-mail:



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