Bowery Gallery Artists Group Show- 2017

Bowery Gallery, an artist-run gallery in New York City,  is proud to present a group show of  member’s work August  22 – September 1, 2017.   This show is the culmination of several outstanding shows this summer which included  two invitational artist exhibits featuring  Petey Brown, and then Mari Lyons,  and the annual Juried show curated this year by Kyle Staver. (You can see the art in the juried show on our web site: )

The work in the group show reflects a broad range of approaches to picture making.   A while back I asked artist-members what Bowery stands for and here are a few responses:

Grier Torrence offered this:  “I believe the Bowery Gallery stands for a special integrity, an authentic, direct kind of painting, a creative spirit that is most interested in expression and communication. The gallery seems to carry a legacy that is tremendously important to the quality of art work in our time. It is always a refreshing place to be after touring the galleries. The work at Bowery often takes more time to see and is a slow read”.

Anne Delaney said, “Bowery Gallery represents a group of artists who investigate next steps within the modernist project whether it be a continuation of still life, the figure or abstracted form and we aspire to add to the dialogue within contemporary art”.


Here are many of the pieces in the group show.   Each artist submitted a work of their choice and wrote a couple sentences about it.  More images  will be added to the blog right up until the time when the exhibit opens on  August 22. Please check back in!



Michael Louis Johnson, Fairview,   Oil on Canvas-  18″ x 22″,  2017

Chosen from my current series of paintings all concerned with the view from my studio window. A certain happy bright feeling about developing one’s own shorthand as a painter. Shapes, lines, color and direction.



Monica Bernier, “Bright #2″, cut paper/gouache, 5″ x 5”, 2016
“This is one of three very small cutouts exploring shape rhythms and color vibration.”
 Osterman_Sticks and Stones

Iris Osterman,  “Sticks and Stones”,  Mixed media on paper,   9″ x 12″ (unframed),  2016

“This piece began as a detailed monotype and evolved into an impression of rocky woodland.”


Torrence_From Bowery

Grier Torrence,  “From Bowery”  casein on paper, 11×15″ 2016

This view from our Bowery Gallery window was painted on location. With new construction, it has of course changed since then.



Dena Schutzer, ‘Street Repairs’, oil on panel, 12″x16″, 2017

“In looking for the abstractions in reality I found it in the rhythms of these bodies working together.”



Tony Serio, RSD, Early Spring, Oil on Linen, 22” x 30”, 2017

I’m always intrigued by urban perspectives and painting onsite during seasonal transitions. Here, bare branches against the cold blue sky of winter contrast with a warm light illuminating concrete and brick announcing spring’s arrival.

*Nahas_ Empire State Building viewed from the Highline-2017-oil on canvas-18x24

Nagib Nahas,  ‘Empire State Building viewed from the Highline’,   Oil on Canvas.  18’x24” 2017

“The source photograph for this picture was taken in autumn 2 years ago on one of my midday walks between 34th Street and the Chelsea art district.   The hanging gardens of the Highline against the city’s architecture are teeming with possible motifs.”

*Drescher_Diane_Stonington_late day

Diane Drescher, Stonington- Late Day , 12 x 16″,  oil on canvas, 2016

  This painting was made on my first trip to Deer Isle ME…… it is a visceral response to Stonington, a quaint fishing village.  The ocean and activities in the village seemed to be in perfect harmony  that day.


Mark Lewis,  “Market”,   Acrylic and paper collage, 8” x 11″, 2016

I’ve been working with the urban landscape for many years. I keep seeking places where the figure is more actively involved in the work. This collage evolved from a group of drawings made in the market. I love the active human presence, the sense of scale and summer light in the market.


Catherine Maize, Untitled, 7″ x 7″, Oil on panel

Painted over the ghost of an old painting I had partially removed by sanding it.

*lambertson_mariannas studio

Judith Lambertson,  Marianna’s Studio,   24x30inches, oil on linen,  2016-2017

For the last 2 years Marianna and I rented this property on Cranberry Isles Maine. I did many quick studies of the house and barn. The result, “Marianna’s Studio”.
Kotula_summer landscape_with_Loiss landscape
Lynn Kotula,  “Summer Still Life with Lois’ Landscape”, oil on masonite, 13′ x 16″

What appears to be a window in my painting is a painting by Lois Dodd that I found in her studio during a Summer rental.  I needed “something” in my still life and her painting gave me a wonderful diagonal road, literally and figuratively, a “way in”!

It almost painted itself into the painting.

nicole maynard sahar_unnamed
 Nicole Maynard Sahar, Untitled, 24″ x 18″, oil on panel, 2017.
 This piece is the first painting I’ve completed since moving to Miami and into a new studio space. I painted over an old painting, not uncommon for artists, but especially fitting at this time. Colors and marks evoke the elements, forming its structure.

Martha Armstrong The Strand- Low Tide I   13 x 17″ o/c   2017

This summer I was painting with some other landscape artists in Annagry, Ireland , on the NW coast near Donegal. The view from my hotel room (it rained a lot) was called The Strand, which daily filled with water and then, at low tide, emptied to the patterns in this painting.


grossman_blue room_crop


 Barbara Grossman,  Blue Room      17 x 15″   Oil in Linen 2017

walter Strach

  Walter Strach  Sandy Remnants #2, 16 x 20, Tempera  2017

For a summer show I thought I’d choose a winter painting.
richard la presti
Richard LaPresti ,  Mirrors and Mannequins,  25×25,  Acrylic, 2017
Stuck in my studio with rain, so I have been looking at these still life’s and
this one was finished.
simon carr_garden
Simon Carr, “From in the Garden” acrylic on canvas,  2017
Rita Baragona / Marigold Moment / acrylic on paper/ 8.5: x 8” / 2017
 Flowers unfold slowly, so slowly that, as I look at them time expands.  Interior petals at the heart intertwine as petals on the edge dance. To every moment there is a dimension. To every dimension there is impermanence, within which I see-feel a sense of joy and harmony. 
Anne Delaney, 16×20,  oil on canvas
evie_Spark, 2017
Evelyn Twitchell, Spark, oil on canvas, 14″ x 11″, 2016
 Spark was inspired by late summer evenings, fallen leaves, and fireflies.
David Mollett, Frozen Pond, 16X20″, oil on canvas, 2016
Jessie Hedden, 8 A.M. Rush, 14X11″, mixed media,  2016
Tornay summer 2017
Ian Tornay, “Terrace Street”, oil on canvas, 16×20, 2014
Kamini Avril _Lion_ oil on canvas 30x24in 2017
Kamini Avril,  “Lion”,  Oil on canvas,  30 x 24 in, 2017
Imaging the “inner lion”, who breaks the ropes of ignorance and greed; an emotional response to this year’s politics.
jeremy long

Jeremy Long, untitled, oil on canvas, 11 x 14.5 inches (without frame) , 2016

This is considered a small study for a lager painting titled “Oakwood Front yard”



Naomi Nemtzow, Windsor Place, July #1, oil & pencil on paper, 17 ½” (h) x 14” (w), 2017

Summer is the time for going outside to work from observation. Much as I enjoy the adventure of new sights, I’m pulled back again and again to the familiar. Here, it’s my block in Brooklyn and the young chestnut tree in front of my house.


carolyn virgil

Carolyn Virgil, Kitchen, oil pastel on prepared paper,  9.625″ x 12.625″

Al Kresch once said, “Draw the dirty dishes.” This is part of my kitchen counter. While not dirty, they are dishes that haven’t been put away.



temma bell

Virginia Song
Stephanie L Franks, Virginia Song,  Collage,  9 x 6 inches,  2017
I made this collage while I was a Fellow at Virginia Center for the Creative Arts (VCCA). In the collage, I am exploring interactions of color, pattern, and shifting shapes and spaces.



David Bradford, untitled, oil on panel,  14” x 16”,  2016



John Goodrich, “Palettes, Beal Island”  Oil/board   14 x 18, 2015-16


chas swisher

Charles Swisher   “Figure on a Platform”  ACRYLIC  4.5″ x 6″   2015


cabouli_Tappan Zee Bride-Passing Clouds_Oil_2016

Diana Cabouli ,  Tappan Zee Bridge – Passing Clouds, oil on board, 29″ x 7 3/4,” 2016

This bridge will be coming down very soon making way for a spanking new bridge in its place. After almost 30 years living in the area, only now did I have an interest in painting it. Funny how that goes…


janet Gorzegno

Janet Gorzegno,  “Iris”,  Gouache on Paper, 6″ X 6″, 2017

The Greek rainbow goddess Iris, messenger to the gods, spans heaven and earth as an agent of hope, while she is also one of the few Immortals able to travel to the underworld.


Circling back to member’s thoughts on what Bowery stands for,  Lynn Kotula wrote this: ” I see the Bowery Gallery as a community of artists who are invested more in their art than in their careers, more in a fearless use of and respect for a language of art that is ahistorical than in the “new” that captures the marketplace; more in the earnest search than in the arrival”.

There will be a reception for the artists 5-8 PM on Thursday, August 24.


bowery logo orig_new

Bowery Gallery

530 West 25th street, 4th floor,

NY, NY 10003

Gallery hours: Tues-Sat 11-6pm. For more information, call 646-230-6655



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