Jeremy Long: Paintings and Drawings

Bowery Gallery is very pleased to present a solo show of work by artist Jeremy Long. The show titled “Paintings and Drawings” is up Nov 28 – Dec 30.    It is Long’s first show at the gallery.

Gabriel Laderman, a painter and critic who played a leading role in the revival of figurative art in the 1960s and 1970s, wrote a wonderful essay about Jeremy Long on the occasion of his first solo show in Chicago in 2005.   I am quoting Laderman here:

“Figurative painting in the 20th century and thus far in this twenty-first century has not been the major trend. Aside from artists who left figuration for cubist, expressionist and surrealist distortion, there was very little in the 20th century that made the grade. The Balthus show at the MOMA in 1956…which featured his recently finished painting “the Room” was the big event for New York City, while I was young”.


Balthus, The Room


Again Laderman: “This first exhibition of Jeremy Long with its assured landscapes, cityscapes and large, complex and original figure paintings is the closest thing to the First exhibition of Balthus …I have ever seen. Unlike some first shows, it does not seem as though the artist has any apprenticeship ahead of him. He arrives in full mastery of his medium with a very wide expressive range. His seriousness does not preclude puns and jokes. These often are at the height of artistic intelligence.”


Colleen Folding Laundry, 2015,    Oil on canvas   16 x  20 inches

Laderman describes one of Long’s paintings:  “it is painted with an interest in surface tension, which is a post-abstract artist’s concern …



Small Study for Oakwood Front Porch, 2015,   Oil on Canvas,  18 h. x 22 inches


 Laderman continues, “What does post-abstract mean? Nowadays some figurative painters show in their work an extremely sophisticated knowledge and love of abstract painting, and abstract construction and an awareness of metaphor. Abstract painting in the 20th century has been not only an adventure in non-representational forms, but also an adventure in metaphoric construction…


Photo Apr 06, 5 51 57 AM

Large Study for Family Group with Still Life, 2016,  Oil on Canvas,  38 h. x 50 inches



Family Group with Still Life, 2017,   Oil on Canvas,  72 h. x 96 inches


“Concerns involving the reality or unreality of images; paintings, in which representation questions representation, come naturally to Mr. Long.  His figure compositions are serious studies in which each figure questions the reality of the others”.


Photo Jun 02, 4 59 07 PM

Large Study for Colleen Folding Laundry, 2016,   Oil on Canvas,  28 h. x 50 inches


“He never paints as a virtuoso realist without concerns about the reality and validity of his images. This puts his paintings on an altogether different level of accomplishment” ….

His paintings “engage the mind, the eye and the heart in bold new ways because they challenge reality and even the space in which the viewer stands”.



Oakwood Front Yard, 2015,   Oil on Canvas,  72 h. x 96 inches



Working Drawing for Oakwood Front Yard, 2015,   Pencil on Paper,  22 h. x 30 inches


The Bowery show features Jeremy Long’s drawings as well as his paintings.  The works on paper may have been preliminary development to the large scale paintings, however, each one stands alone as a stunning example of fine draftsmanship.   Certain drawings have structure worthy of Paranesi, while others offer the expressiveness of a Thomas Hart Benton.    For those of us who love mark-making and the nuance of  tone, these drawings are completely satisfying works of art.



Working Drawing for Family Group with Still Life, 2017, Pen & Ink on Paper,  22 h. x 30″


Photo Oct 20, 11 19 45 AM


Working Drawing for Colleen Folding Laundry, 2017, Pen & Ink on Paper,  22 h. x 30 inches

Long describes his show as “paintings and drawings that attempt to put things in order”.  But there’s way more to it:  in this show he makes a compelling case for the continued vitality of figurative work, especially narrative paintings with human figures, as a vehicle for poetic expression.


Jeremy Long: Paintings and Drawings

 November 28 – December 30, 2017

Opening Reception: Thursday, November 30, 5- 8 PM, free & open to the public

Gallery Talk: Saturday, December 2, 2 PM


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530 West 25th Street, 4th floor

NY, NY   10001

Gallery hours: Tues-Sat 11-6pm. For more information, call 646-230-6655


Mobile: 607-220-9039



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