David Mollett / Jessie Hedden, Languedoc-Paintings from France

Bowery Gallery is very pleased to announce an exhibit by painters, David Mollett and Jessie Hedden.  The two painters are based in Alaska but the works in this exhibit were created in the environs of Vers-Pont-du-Gard, France in 2017 while they maintained a six month residency near Avignon.


MOLLETT Champs pres de Fournes

Mollett,       Champs près de Fournes          39.25X39.25”             oil on canvas

The beautiful sunlit Languedoc countryside provided inspiration for the thirty paintings in this exhibit.

HEDDEN Matin sur le Gardon

Hedden,       Matin sur le Gardon           19.5X25.5”        acrylic on paper

Jessie Hedden’s favored subjects include still life motifs using local wildflowers as well as numerous views of the Gardon River canyon near Collias.


HEDDEN Fleurs sauvages

Hedden,        Fleurs sauvage dans le fenêtre        14.5X17.75”      acrylic on paper


HEDDEN Still Life in Sophie's Garden

Hedden        Nature morte dans le jardin de Sophie      16.5X23.25”          acrylic on paper

Hedden does black and white acrylic drawings as well as color-rich paintings in oil and acrylic.


HEDDEN Falaises et reflets

Hedden,       Falaises et reflets                 13X16”                   oil on canvas

Careful drawing and sensitive color combine with rhythmic mark-making in Hedden’s paintings.  The work presents a beautiful expression of light, space and color.


HEDDEN Le Gardon in Spring

Hedden,          Le Gardon au printemps              21.25X25.5”              oil on canvas


David Mollett’s work includes vista landscapes of the Gorge du Gardon, the Vers farming countryside as well as the strange, rugged earth formations near the town of Fournes.

MOLLETT Gorge du Gardon

Mollett,         Gorge du Gardon                          28.5X36”                    oil on canvas


MOLLETT Le Gardon a Collias II

Mollett,         Le Gardon à Collias II                              25.5X32”                    oil on canvas

Mollett works on site using the natural light to organize his compositions giving special attention to drawing and color.  His paintings are completed in the field.


MOLLETT Chemin de l'Ermitage

Mollett,          Chemin de l’Ermitage                              28.4X39.25”               oil on canvas

A particular strength in Mollett’s work is the clear expression of space and light which creates a vivid sense of the place depicted.


MOLLETT Aquaduc Romain I

Mollett,          Aqueduc Romain I                         19.75X25.5”               acrylic on paper


Both Hedden and Mollet have a unique painting language which unites the compositions while, at the same time conveying the dynamism of a felt experience in Nature. They are, also, clearly well versed in the legacy of influential painters who have painted the French landscapes.


David Mollett says, “Aside from the opportunity to paint outdoors in the sunny landscape, our sejour allowed us to see firsthand many works by our favorite French painters. There was a beautiful Raoul Dufy exhibit at Musèe Angladon in Avignon twenty minutes away and Musèe Calvet had several wonderful Soutine paintings among others”.

He continues, “ The proximity of these museums allowed for repeated visits. We were also able to see more than once, the substantial Courbet holdings at Musèe Fabre in Montpellier which was especially meaningful because we were out working in the Languedoc landscape”.


David Mollett and Jessie Hedden,   Languedoc – Paintings from France

January 2-27, 2018

Opening January 4, 5-8 pm



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530 West 25th Street, 4th floor

NY, NY   10001

Gallery hours: Tues-Sat 11-6pm. For more information, call 646-230-6655




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