Rita Baragona, “Cadences”

Bowery Gallery proudly announces “Cadences”, an exhibit of new work by Rita Baragona featuring her signature florals and seascapes.   The show is April 24 -May 19, 2018.

Baragona paints nature searching out rhythmic and luminous cadences.  Writing about her work John Goodrich noted, “ Even Baragona’s smallest subjects feel large. Incisive marks and notes of color impart a remarkable presence—volume, depth, height, buoyancy and weight. …One doesn’t think through such responses—one senses them and absorbs the artist’s intense grasp of living nature”.


Garden Cadence #3,  18” x 24”,  acrylic on paper, 2018

Baragona is attentive to the changes occurring with her chosen subject even as she is working.  Her paintings are not only about place, but also about time passing.  Nature is both dynamic and fleeting:  flowers bloom and wilt,  and  Baragona accepts this paradox.  The key  is to keep looking, to keep recording, to keep experiencing the sensations…


Orange Gladiola Garden, 2018, Acrylic & Pastel on Paper, 16.5” x 13.75”

She says,    “I love the moment after I draw when I look at the disorderly irregularity of trees, scrubby leaves,  flowers,  and light and it all looks whole together,  as one.”


Roses on Yellow Table, 3.5” X 4”, acrylic on paper, 2018

Indeed, Baragona’s art- making can be likened to  a spiritual practice.  She says she sees no separation between inner responses and outer existence.  Baragona says,   “With wonder in mind,  I am catching glimpses of non-sequential circular time which I call when-ness” .

Thaddeus Radell writes:   “Her paintings celebrate the abstract process of filtering her motifs through a deep visual meditation where abandonment, acceptance and reconciliation of the senses unite, to yield intensely colorful, joyous images”.

*RBflowercadence-blooming,6.5_x6_, ink&wc,'18e

Wilting over Time, 2018, Watercolor & Ink on Paper, 8”x7”



Bellflower Arabesque, 2017, Acrylic on Paper, 12” x 15.5”


To this writer, Baragona’s  ocean paintings are some of her most intriguing,  so one image must be included with the blog.   For more, come see the show!


Stormy Ocean, 10” x 23.5”, watercolor, 2017


Tumbling to Shore, 10″ x 18″, watercolor


“Art is a harmony which runs parallel to nature ”    Cezanne  

“The inner feeling of beauty coincides with nature. That makes truth.” Bonnard 


RITA BARAGONA, “Cadences” runs concurrently

with NAOMI NEMTZOW, “Close to Home”

 April 24 – May 19, 2018

 Reception, April 28, 3-6 pm

Gallery Talk, May 19, 3:30 pm




530 West 25th Street, 4th floor

NY, NY   10001

Gallery hours: Tues-Sat 11-6pm. For more information, call 646-230-6655



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