John Goodrich – Recent Paintings: Descending Light

January 28 – February 22, 2020

OPENING RECEPTION: Thursday, January 30, 5-8 pm

ARTIST TALK: “Eyes and Minds: Structuring the World,” Saturday February 8 at 3:00pm

Trees and Rocks, Schoodic, 2019
Oil on Arches oil paper, 12″ x 16″

John Goodrich’s most recent paintings include some forty landscapes and still lifes animated by heightened colors and rapid brushwork. The artist explains the show’s title:

For each motif I sought an embracing pictorial rhythm. All needed to be energized: a rock’s huddling permitted a tree to stretch; clouds pressing the horizon released the flow of plains below. Sunlight became both illuminating entry point and (with luck) the cohering outcome. As I worked I often recalled my advice to students: express in color the “descending light.”

Square Bottle, 2019
Oil on Canvas, 12″ x 16″

The exhibition also includes several large interpretations of landscape drawings by Claude Lorrain. Transformed in color and scale, they suggest that the natural dramas that inspired Claude, Corot and Ruisdael remain just as available today, as much in paint as in life.

Trucks, Beals Island, 2019
Oil on Arches Paper, 12″ x 16″

Goodrich’s paintings have appeared in group shows at Lori Bookstein Fine Art, Elizabeth Harris Gallery and Kouros Gallery in New York City. His work has been reviewed in The New York Times, The New York Sun and The New York Observer. A writer on art, he has written for numerous print and online publications.

Houses and Truck, Addison, 2019- 2020
Oil on Arches oil paper, 12″ x 16″

A preview of works in the exhibition can be seen at

The Bowery Gallery hours are 11-6pm Tuesday-Saturday.  

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