Mark Lewis – Tulsa Streets and Studio Fiction

February 25 – March 21, 2020

OPENING RECEPTION: Thursday, February 27, 5-8 pm
Artist Gallery Talk: Saturday, February 29, from 3-4pm

Mark Lewis’s recent paper and graphite collages depict Tulsa city streets. The perceptual Tulsa street collages are constructed with an accumulation of daily experiences built over an extended period of time. Lewis states, “I’m visually interested in the landscape, particularly the urban landscape and specifically Tulsa city streets, the streets I experience on a daily basis.

“Peoria Avenue (QT)”
Graphite and paper collage, 71 x 68”, 2019

It’s a stage that’s familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. I love perceptual exploration, experiencing light, the sense of scale, the urban geometry (e.g. telephone poles, street signs and high wires, etc.), the expansive Oklahoma skies, and simply observing people in their daily routines.

“More of the Same, (Street Fiction)”
Watercolor, 15” x 22”, 2019

The work is about discovering and revealing, finding content in the collage narrative rather than knowing what will occur in the landscape or in the collage on any given day – the ordinary is extraordinary.“

“Studio Fiction (street, street protest and studio fiction)”
Ink, 11” x 15” (x4), 2019

The street fiction works (watercolors, graphite drawings, inked drawings and mixed media pieces) explore ordinary urban street events and visualizations of fictional street protest. Lewis states, “Some of my recent
work has been influenced by the contemporary political climate.

Several images including “Get Out, Keep Out” and “Sweet and Sour View from the Curb” are examples of current work completed in the studio.
Some of the watercolors and ink drawings make protest statements, while others deal with the complexity of language or the language of opposing ideologues in the form of a march or protest. The street protests
become a stage set for potential drama and for addressing contemporary life issues.”

“Hate, Hope (Street Fiction)”
Watercolor, 15” x 22”, 2019

Lewis exhibits nationally and teaches painting, drawing, and collage at the University of Tulsa in Tulsa, Oklahoma. For more information go to:

The Bowery Gallery hours are 11-6pm Tuesday-Saturday.  

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