New Bowery Artists Exhibit

JUNE 2–30, 2020 featured on

To view show:

For its first online exhibition, Bowery is pleased to present work by its six newest artists, each of whom extends the pictorial and plastic possibilities of painting or sculpture in a highly individualized way.

Clockwise from top left:   Work by Dorothy Frey, Colleen Franca, Gael Mooney, Bob Braczyk, Glen Cebulash and Audrey Cohn-Ganz

Fashioned from elements of tree branches, Bob Bracyzk‘s sculptures engage nature in a dialogue that vitalizes the three-dimensional in a cultural moment more accustomed to flattened images.

Bob Bracyzk, Crux, 2020
maple, 25.5 x 11 x 9″

To view a recent interview with Bob Bracyzk:

Glen Cebulash‘s vividly abstracted images mark his latest point in a steady, personal evolution from representational to non-objective painting.

Glen Cebulash, Jonah and the Whale , 2019 
Oil on Canvas , 72” x 66” 

Audrey Cohn-Ganz‘s vigorous landscapes reflect her interest in the interplay between geometry, color, shapes and the particularities of space and light.

Audrey Cohn-Ganz, Red Trunk, 2019
Oil on canvas, 30 x36 inches

Painted from direct observation, Colleen Franca‘s landscapes, still lives, and portraits celebrate her surroundings through a drive to “capture the light.”

Colleen Franca, Tabletop Still Life, 2019
Oil on Panel, 8″ x 9″

Dorothy Frey, painting from memory or observation, amplifies the forms, spatial tensions, and color of her surroundings to serve as metaphors for individualized experiences.

Dorothy Frey, London Plane, 2019
oil on canvas, 20 x 20″

Gael Mooney‘s landscapes, figures and cathedrals explore the expressive power of light to transform everyday objects and afford a glimpse of the beauty hidden within them all.

Gael Mooney, Tree and Figure , 2020 
 Charcoal on Paper, 24″ X 20″ 

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