Then & Now – Part 2

May 18 – June 19, 2021

The exhibit can be seen online at and via padlet from the Bowery Gallery website:

The Bowery Gallery is pleased to present: “Then & Now”, a three-part online show which features the 36 Members and 11 Associate members of the gallery.  Each artist was asked to consider how their work has changed and evolved over time by selecting one recent and one early work. Artists also wrote a brief statement of reflection to offer the viewer (and themselves) further insight into their artistic journey.

Examining one’s work through the lens of time can reveal new perspectives and provide a deeper understanding of what makes one do what one does.  In 1908 at the age of 39, Henri Matisse wrote in “Notes of a Painter”:  “I feel very strongly the tie between my earlier and my recent works, but I do not think exactly the way I thought yesterday. Or rather, my basic idea has not changed, but my thought has evolved, and my modes of expression have followed my thoughts. I do not repudiate any of my paintings but there is not one of them that I would not redo differently if I had it to redo. My destination is always the same, but I work out a different route to get there.”

Years later at the age of 82 he reflected again:  ” There is no separation between my old pictures and my cut-outs, except that with greater completeness and abstraction, I have attained a form filtered to its essentials……..”.

The exhibit reveals how the artistic journey is a distinctive experience that manifests in a variety of ways.  A common thread throughout is the underlying conviction that artists evolve by continually exploring and creating that which is deeply personal.

The artists in Then & Now – Part 2 are:

Stephanie Franks, Dorothy Frey, John Goodrich, Janet Gorzegno, Michael Louis Johnson, Deborah Kahn, Lynn Kotula, Mark Lewis, Adrianne Lobel, Lynette Lombard, Jeremy Long, Younghee Choi Martin, June Silverberg, Walter Strach, Charles Swisher

Below are selected works from Then & Now: Part 2:

Left: Cathedral Tree, 2014 | Right: Late Fall Trees, 2021

“I spend my summers and falls upstate in my old Stone house in Rhinebeck New York. There, weather permitting, I spend my days working en plein air in the fields and forests around my house. As the years go by, the work has gotten simpler and more abstract though geometry and composition play an important part in all of the work. I never know how the paintings are going to turn out – I let nature guide my hand.”

Adrianne Lobel

Left: Backyards, Reykjavik, 1982 | Right: Wadsworth, 2021

“My continued pursuit of painting and image making is all about keeping the work close at hand, so that rather than being exactly work it becomes daily life. There is always a work in progress. There are always recently completed pieces to consider. This enables me to continue to do something I’ve wanted to do almost as long as I can remember.

Michael Louis Johnson

Left: Il Ponte Sisto, 1976 | Right: Orestes as Wanderer 2018

“Earlier work “Il Ponte Sisto,” an outdoor painting, expresses the exuberance of living in Rome as a young painter which is reflected by the seeming spontaneity and festive color palette; the recent work “Orestes as wanderer,” a studio composition, expresses a more sober and thoughtful elegiac scene. Putting aside the differences of subject matter and time span of four decades, my painting process remains driven forward with the effort to make a fresh statement in each painting.”

Younghee Choi Martin

Then & Now Part 3 will open June 22 and run through July 24, 2021.

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