John Goodrich -Recent Paintings

Bowery Gallery is pleased to present John Goodrich’s ninth exhibition of paintings with the gallery.   This exciting exhibit features the artist’s most recent paintings and includes more than twenty landscapes and still lifes.  It runs JANUARY 3 – 28, 2017

Goodrich’s paintings are enlivened by incisive brushwork and intense, modulated colors.


‘FOUR APPLES, LEMONS AND SQUASH   2016, oil/board, 12×16 in.


FOUR APPLES AND ORANGE   2016, oil/board, 12×16 in.

An avid admirer of such masters as Titian, Corot and Matisse, the artist seeks to illuminate his subjects through lyrical compositions. Goodrich states: “Painting for me is a visual experience, in the same way that music, for a musician, is an aural one. In any painting, color imparts more than style and atmosphere; it gives weight to movement. I hope to locate the character of my motifs – that is, to give them a pictorial presence – through a rhythmic language of form”.



TREES AND ROCKS 2    2016, oil/board, 12×16 in

Several landscapes in the show represent Goodrich’s recent painting trips to Cranberry Island in Maine and to Telluride, Colorado where he taught a painting workshop this summer.



TOWNSEND STREET, TELLURIDE   2016,  oil/board, 12×16 in



SAN JUAN AVENUE, TELLURIDE   2016,  oil/board, 12×16 in

 The exhibit, also, includes Goodrich’s large, colorful interpretations of four tiny landscape etchings by Rembrandt. These interpretations recreate, with a full palette and at a far larger scale, scenes that inspired the Dutch master in his walks about Amsterdam over 350 years ago.




2016, oil/paper, 60×22 in.


“Landscape with a Road Beside a Canal, ca. 1652, drypoint, 3 x 8½ in.”


Goodrich’s paintings have appeared in group shows at Lori Bookstein Fine Art, Elizabeth Harris Gallery and Kouros Gallery in New York City. His work has been reviewed in The New York Times, The New York Sun, and The New York Observer. A writer on art, he currently contributes reviews to and

“The canvases of [several artists] and John Goodrich … also deserve special attention.” –Roberta Smith, New York Times review of group exhibition, Match 23, 1990



A preview of works in the exhibition is available at

There will be a reception from 5-8pm on Thursday, January 5. The artist will give a talk, “Uses of Painting,” at the gallery Thursday,  January 19, 7 PM.  – ALL ARE INVITED-

530 WEST 25TH ST, 4TH FL, NEW YORK, NY 10001


Gallery hours are 11am to 6pm Tuesday through Saturday. For more information, please contact the gallery at 646-230-6655 or


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  1. Quick question to you: I notice that the talk is printed as starting at 4pm on the postcard and 3pm on this blog. Perhaps, John, you wish to clarify?




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