Kamini Avril “From the Caves”

Kamini Avril’s exhibit at Bowery Gallery represents a lifelong interest in Eastern thought and mythology.    Her recent paintings and drawings inspired by a visit to the early Buddhist caves in Ellora, India will be on view  November 1 -26, 2016.

Avril’s paintings take inspiration from the caves and at the same time embrace the mystery and materiality of paint on canvas.

In a catalog essay Avril writes: “From the darkness of the caves emerge figures carved from living rock, embodying movement, energy and light telling stories that direct the mind to its source”.

ganesh-2015-oil-on-canvas-72x66Ganesh, 2015, oil on canvas, 72×66 inches

Avril  reimagines the carved images and tells the story from her own perspective,  using paint to “carve” her figures on large scale canvas.  Paint and light are the unifying ground; air becomes solid, rock becomes liquid, and the brushstrokes quiver with fiery intensity.


Balance, 2016,  Oil on Canvas,  78×66 inches


Naratmya, 2015, Oil on canvas, 74 x66 inches

She says, “The physicality of paint is like the surface of the cave, at once resistant and fluid…. visual space and actual ground, in which forms are interwoven.   The image comes to life only as it is painted.


Puja, 2016,  Oil on canvas, 78×66 inches

The figure cannot be separated from its surroundings, as both are extensions of its force – an expression of the Buddhist saying (the Prajnaparamita); Form is Emptiness, Emptiness is Form.


Flying, 2016, Oil on Canvas,  90×78 inches

For Avril, the cave is a metaphor for an inner silence.  It is for her a source of inspiration, and to enter the cave is to silence thought, accept the unknown and allow deeper feelings and images to be revealed.




Also,  in the exhibit are Avril’s beautiful  drawings. ( on the left , Dancer monoprint, 16 x 9 inches.  On the right, Dancer ( 12) Charcoal on Paper, 48×36 inches.


Dancer (13) 2016, charcoal, chalk on paper 40×30


For this writer, Avril’s work reminds us that making art can be, and often is…ones spiritual practice.  These paintings give concrete form to a spirit engaged.


 Kamini Avril

“From the Caves”

November 1 -26 2016

Reception: Saturday, Nov 5,  3 – 6 pm

Artist’s Talk: Saturday, Nov 19 4pm

Artist’s Website: kaminiavril.com

bowery logo_crop

Bowery Gallery

530 West 25th Street, 4th Floor

NY, NY 10001

Gallery Hours: Tues – Sat  11 – 6 and until 8pm Thursday, Nov 3



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